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What's the difference between alert, confirm and prompt?

What’s the difference between alert, confirm and prompt?

Alert, confirm, and prompt are JavaScript functions that allow you to interact with users through dialog boxes in web applications. They are used to display messages, gather user input, and confirm actions.

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HTML5 history API

How to change URL without refreshing the page?

I have recently worked on a website with popups containing artwork and sharing functionality. This project involved changing url without reloading the page which was perfect use for the HTML5 History API. This API allows you to modify the browser’s history and manipulate the URL without causing a page refresh.

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How to fill container with video delivered via iframe

How to deal with video that is delivered via iframe so it 100% fills it’s container

There are lots of ways to display video on your website. One of them is using <iframe> to embed media such as YouTube, Vimeo or any other video provider that provides <iframe> code to display relevant video. This method normally works well but video embedded via <iframe> has normally set static width and height which is not very good for responsive design.

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Whats the difference between async vs defer attributes

What’s the difference between async vs defer attributes

According to website, async and defer attributes for the <script> element have great support and I think it might be a good time to learn what they do and how to use them. JavaScript is considered a “parser blocking resource” causing blocking of HTML parsing. Thankfully, the latest technologies such as HTML5 gives you 3 ways to tell browser when to run JavaScript code.

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